Case Studies.
Stem Cell Fluid Therapy
VivaStem® is a
natural healing fluid
that activates stem cells in
horses, dogs and cats,
helping them heal from injury, nerve damage and
relieving arthritis pain.

View the case study video (right)
and the slide show (below)
to learn more about VivaStem®.
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  • VivaStem™ Intro
  • VivaStem™ Common Uses in Dogs
  • VivaStem™ Common Uses in Horses
  • VivaStem™ Stem Cell Overview
  • Stem Cell Therapies
  • What is VivaStem™
  • How is VivaStem™ Different
  • VivaStem™ What Helps the Animal Heal
  • What is in VivaStem™ Stem Cell Fluid
  • VivaStem™ Healing Proteins
  • VivaStem™ Research
  • How Does VivaStem™ Work?
  • VivaStem™ Time is Needed to Heal
  • Advantages of VivaStem™
  • VivaStem™ Where Does It Come From
  • Safety and Efficacy of VivaStem™
  • How is VivaStem™ Administered
  • VivaStem™ How to Order
  • VivaStem™ Contact Information
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